Super Natural Wool
A Shaun the Sheep Movie - Farmageddon

In cinemas this autumn


Wool has some truly unique Super Natural benefits!

Fancy shearing one of the flock? Or designing Bitzer a new spacesuit? Find out more about the benefits of wool by playing some of the totally out-of-this world games below.

Wool is natural

Wool comes from sheep who eat grass for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Wool grows back

Sheep like Shaun love getting a haircut, just like yours it grows back. We call that renewable.

Wool doesn't smell

Clothes that are not natural can make us sweaty and get stinky quickly. Lucky wool has super powers to fight smells.

Wool is super soft


An unexpected visitor for Shaun and his friends

When Shaun and his friends get an unexpected visitor from outer space late one night, they show her just how warm, cosy and versatile their wool really is.


Guess what?

The wool fibres from 61 sheep placed end-to-end would reach all the way from earth to the moon. That's out-of-this world!

Wool can disappear

If you bury wool in the ground it will slowly disappear and feed the earth. Magic!

Guess what?

Merino wool comes from super soft sheep and their hair is even finer than yours.

Wool is super natural


Have a try at some of the downloadable activities and learn some more about the super special properties of wool.

Wool is super snug
Bitzer Bitzer

Don't forget to catch Shaun, LU-LA and friends in cinemas in the brand new Shaun the Sheep Movie: FARMAGEDDON.

A Shaun the Sheep Movie - Farmageddon

In cinemas this autumn